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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our first Alameda Meetup for John Edwards

Last night we had our first meetup to support the candidacy of John Edwards for President. It was, I felt, a good succes!

I had some requests for links to some of the videos we showed there and information I had provided. I thought I would put it up on the blog here.

Who would make the best President? - a comparision writeup I was passing out. This is a must-read.

John Edwards website - a good resource for position papers, and so forth.

Speech at California Democratic Convention - we showed this stump speech from a few months ago; it's the speech I saw that pulled me "off the fence" to become an Edwards supporter. It really shows his conviction and leadership, as well as specifics.

Edwards vs. Clinton on lobbyists - A segment of a debate in which Edwards and Clinton spar on whether it's appropriate to court lobbyists.

Hair - a commercial taking on the whole "haircut" controversy

Meet John Edwards - a general campaign video introduction

A chat with John and Elizabeth Edwards

If you are supporting or leaning towards Edwards — the most progressive and the most electable of the Democrats, I hope that you will engage your neighbors in conversation about the candidates, come to the next meetups in Alameda (our next is October 24th), and if you can, make a small contribution to the campaign by clicking the "contribute" button at the John Edwards website.


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