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Saturday, March 24, 2007

TALC: Transportation and Land Use Coalition Summit

Today I attented the Summit of TALC, the Transportation and Land Use Coalition. This 10th Annual summit's theme was Bay Area Solutions to Global Warming. This was a conference attended by hundreds of tranportation advocates from all over the Bay Area, interested in solving problems of how we build and maintain residences, businesses, and transportation facilities to best suit the needs of the Bay Area's residents. I couldn't turn around without running into somebody I know from the bicycling or pedestrian or transit advocacy communities — many from Alameda; there were also many union leaders, representatives of transit systems like AC Transit and BART, high-speed railway advocates, Sierra Club members, and so forth. After a keynote there were many breakout sessions to choose from; I got a lot out of the "Complete Streets" and "How to Lobby Effectively" sessions. Many Kudos go to the TALC organizers of this conference!


Blogger Seth said...

Glad you liked the Summit! Thanks for the positive write-up in your blog!

Seth Schneider

10:06 PM  

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