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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kudos to Pete Stark

Today I ran across two things relating to our congressional representative, Pete Stark.

The first was an email from MoveOn, pointing out that Stark "has been leading the way to get us out of Iraq quickly and safely and he could really use your support right now".

The other was that the Internets are all abuzz about a response that Stark gave on a survey in which he admitted that he does not believe in a supreme being. Essentially, he came out of the religious closet.

I'm asuming that the right-wing will have, or is having, a field day about this. (I don't watch Fox news so I can't tell for sure.) But I'm proud of Stark for admitting that. I actually have a suspicion that many politicians actually aren't religious at all, but put on a show for the benefit of the voting population, who seem to insist that our political leaders be deeply religious (and, for the most part, Protestant.)

Here's an interesting tidbit from the article I linked to:

A USA Today/Gallup poll last month found that 45% of respondents said they would vote for a "well qualified" presidential candidate who was an atheist. Ninety-five percent said they would vote for a Catholic candidate, 92% a Jewish candidate and 72% a Mormon candidate.

Kudos to Pete Stark. I called his Fremont office [494-1388] to offer my support as a constituent for his coming out, and for his leadership in getting us out of Iraq as soon as possible.

Why don't you, dear reader, give them a call to show him some love? Or, come by his Town Meeting this Saturday.


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