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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

East Bay Political Event Overload This Saturday!

What's a poor activist to do? There are so many political events this weekend!

The aforementioned Pete Stark town meeting at Amelia Earhart School.

The Clean Money campaign meeting.

A big health care town meeting with Swanson, Hancock, Dellums, Nuñez, Perata etc. at Oakland City Center in the morning at the Oakland City Hall Council Chambers at 9 AM

... followed by a Barack Obama rally in at City Center, 3 PM (free tickets required)

And over in Walnut Creek there is a peace march that East Bay for Democracy called me about.

A regional meeting for the California Democratic Party, originally scheduled for Saturday, has been postponed. Good idea!

Which one of these will I be at? None, I'm afraid....

Next weekend preview: an Oakland Peace march....


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