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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

How we can help in our neighboring congressional district

Here in the Alameda area, we are safely represented in congress by Pete Stark. But just east of us, in eastern Alameda County (Pleasanton) over through to Stockton/Tracy, is the 11th congressional district currently represented by the corrupt, anti-environmentalist Richard Pombo..

One of the biggest impacts we can have on the 2006 election is to support Jerry McNerney, the grasroots-powered Democrat running against Pombo I have been volunteering for Jerry since the 2004 election, and I can vouch for him personally   he's intelligent, honest, and a real mensch. He can beat Pombo if he can raise enough funds (locally and from around the country) and keep getting volunteer power from the grasroots.

Here is a way to help right now: Vote for Jerry McNerney on two web sites that are holding competitions among various candidates to garner them some national exposure.

http://tools.democracyforamerica.com/housevote/ (Deadline: this friday June 23, 2 PM PST)

http://www.forwardtogetherpac.com/mapchangers (Deadline: June 29)

Then, keep an eye on Jerry's website and his weblog (the latter of which I volunteer to help with) and get involved in the campaign. We can take congress back from these thieves!


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