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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Grassroots Window Signs, Bumper Stickers for Debra Bowen

Something I whipped up, in case other Bowen "fans" want to spread the word.... Click to download PDFs of home-made Debra Bowen window signs and bumper stickers (3 to a page). Obviously you'll need a little scotch tape after you print these....

PDF of Debra Bowen window sign   PDF of Debra Bowen bumper stickers

(Updated 5/26 to include www.DebraBowen.com, phrase "Computer Generated - Labor Donated" to clarify source of the signs, and a bit of an improvement in contrast in the name. Also, I contacted the campaign suggesting that they provide some official printable signs, so it's possible that these homemade signs may become obsolete!)


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