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Monday, June 05, 2006

Election Homestretch

Just a quick note to all three of you reading this blog. :-)

On the State Controller's Race, I've firmly decided to vote for, and endorse, John Chiang. I've always thought that both Joe Dunn and John Chiang were good candidates, but I decided to support Chiang for one main reason: he seems like he's more qualified for the Job. I looked at the description of the position, and he seems better poised to fill that job. Dunn, on the other hand, woulud have made a great Attorney General, but is probably not as suited for Controller. (He actually was running for AG but dropped out when Jerry Brown threw his hat in the ring.) I've also been receiving a number of emails from progressive groups that I respect, all endorsing Chiang, so I feel like I've made a solid decision.

Another note: I sent out emails to a large number of people I know in California expressing my plea to vote for Debra Bowen for Secretary of State. Judging by the responses I got, my message was quite welcome, and stood out from the avalanche of voter materials people have received in the mail. Even people who aren't able to vote, or who are in another party (e.g. Green) appreciated the message, and wound up spreading the word on to their friends. I truly hope that this last-minute push by myself and a number of like-minded folks will help put Bowen over the top. I just can't understand how Bowen's opponent could be doing so well in the polls!

Tomorrow is election day: Don't forget to vote. But better yet, make sure your friends vote, and are informed about the candidates!


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