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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

10 Simple Blue Switches - the Local Angle

BuyBlue has put up a list 10 Simple Switches You Can Make Right Now. I wanted to pass this on, adding a local angle where I can.

  • From Wal-Mart to Costco. (Costco is just off of Davis Street, though I hear the merchandise at the Richmod Costco is better quality.)

  • From Amazon.com to Powell's (no local version of that, but it's a great store to go to if you're ever in Portland. Of course, you could always go to Books, Inc. on Park street.

  • From Budweiser to Fat Tire (pretty easy to find around town)

  • From McDonald's to Subway (N.B. the South Shore Towne Centre one is gone)

  • From Marriott to Hyatt

  • From Dell to Apple or Gateway (Could I add "from PC to Mac here?) :-)

  • From Blockbuster to Netflix (or a local business like Video Maniacs)

  • From Guess? to J.Crew

  • From Curves to Bally Total Fitness (Alas, closest Bally is in San Leandro. I don't want to send anybody driving to San Leandro — you could bike there, and then you wouldn't need to go in because the bike ride would be your workout!)

  • From Hershey's to Lindt's (Good. I can eat twice as much chocolate with half the guilt!)


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