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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

SCA 5: A solution to our stupid budget situation

We all watched in horror as the California legislature tried to get a budget passed over the last few weeks. Unlike most states in the country, California needs a 2/3rds majority vote to get a budget passed. So no matter which party has a majority in the senate and assembly, the budget is always going to be like this.

In a state where a simple majority vote in general election is able to alter the state constitution with a simple 50% majority, this seems particularly ironic.

I had been thinking "Well, who is going to do something about this mess?" Well, it turns out that our own new State Senator, Loni Hancock — whom I had supported because she's the kind of politician who takes bold steps — had already started on this, back in December! Here it is, SCA 5. Assembly speaker Karen Bass introduced a similar bill, ACA 4.

Hancock is a superhero in my book.

Here is an interesting article about the whole affair.


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