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Monday, January 05, 2009

Slate of Nine formed for CA Democratic Party delegates

I mentioned recently that I am running for another term as delegate to the California Democratic Party. The election is being held this Saturday afternoon, January 10, on the second-floor Meeting Room "A" of the Alameda Hospital.

If you are a registered Democrat, and you are interested in seeing our area represented by good progressive citizens to strengthen our state's Democratic Party, I ask for you to swing by the Alameda Hospital on Saturday and cast your ballot.

I am running as part of a diverse and active slate of nine men and women. I ask that you cast a ballot for all of us. Here is this list. Women: Frieda Edgette, Alice Fried, Tara Marchant, Sumi Paranjape. Men: Mark Briggs, Abel Guillen, Wayne Nishioka, Chris Urkofsky, Dan Wood. Please bring this list with you.

Date: This Saturday, January 10. Times: Registration is from Noon to 2 PM. You can register and vote and leave if you want, or you can stay from 2-3 PM when the candidates will each give a brief speech to introduce themselves; votes are then collected and tallied about about 3 PM.

(Unfortunately, there is no other way to vote in this, you have to be there in person before 2 PM.)

Note: There is an annoying "poll tax" of $5 (goes to fundraising activities in the Democratic Party) per person to vote -- however, nobody will be turned away for lack of funds, so consider it optional.

I hope that some of my many Democratic readers out there in Alameda can come and help support me. For more information about my candidacy, please see my previous post.


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