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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Proposition 11: NO

(This is the second of my series of articles about the propositions.)

Yesterday I received a big "Yes on Proposition 11" flyer. Wow, that sure looked like a winner, we definitely want to fix that districting problem, right?

Well, we do, but Proposition 11 needs a NO vote. It's a phony, partisan measure.

This proposition is a ploy to help the right wing. It has been called the "Republican Voters First redistricting measure." This is largely backed by Paul Singer, who was behind last year's failed measure to unilaterally drop the winner-take-all electoral college vote allocation which, if it had passed, would have meant that McCain would be getting a good percentage of California's 55 electoral votes. Proposition 11 is heavily opposed by minority organizations, labor, the Democratic Party, and the Green Party.

Vote No on "Republican Voters First".

Read more about Prop 11 at Calitics


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