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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No need to separate Blue/Green/Gray bin contents!

This morning I was looking out my window and I saw our ACI collector merrily dumping the contents of our gray (trash) bin into our green (organics) bin.

Over the last few months, both I and my daughter have also seen these collectors dumping the contents of our gray bin into our Blue (recycling) bin.

I called out the window and politely asked the guy why he was doing it. He explained that they would sort it out later, and that he was doing it because he didn't want the gray-bin picking up guys to miss picking it up. (We have the "micro-can" for families that don't produce as much trash; it costs $28/year less than the normal gray bin, but the city won't let anybody order these anymore because they don't want to encourage people to produce less trash, apparently. Plus, the robotic dumping machines can't pick them up.)

It was a nice thought, and even though the people I spoke to at ACI on multiple occasions said that they should never be mixing in the separated waste bins, these guys keep doing it.

So apparently it's OK that the compost that we buy over at Davis street has little bits of styrofoam, plastic, broken juice glass, and gypsum wallboard that were in this week's gray bin. Or maybe the people work to process the contents of these bins have no problem separating 100% of that from the branches, chicken bones, and doggy-doo. Yeah, right.

Anyhow, it's clear that this system is broken. At least I know what to do with all the excess trash I have that needs to be thrown away from our semi-annual basement clean-up. I'll just dump it in the green bin or the blue bin. I haven't decided which one. What bin would you toss it into?


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