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Friday, May 02, 2008

Yes, I support Measure H

I sent out an email to a bunch of people who might not read this blog, with some suggestions for the upcoming election. Though I suggested a "yes" vote on the upcoming Measure H, I got a couple of replies from people who said I didn't support it strongly enough.

Considering that I haven't mentioned Measure H here yet, and considering it is all the buzz in the other blogs, I thought I would make a post dedicated to Measure H and say that, yes, I support Measure H.

So if I support Measure H, why am I not shouting it from the rooftops? Well, one has to pick their battles. It's impossible not to see ubiquitous pro-Measure H signs, mixed in with the "throw away" signs that, while not mentioning measure H, do show the outpouring of support for our public schools. The only other political signs around town I've seen, in fact, are presidential and "Measure A" signs that have nothing to do with the upcoming election.

So I'm just picking other battles and I'll let others lead the charge on Measure H. I'm supporting Loni Hancock in this election, and I'm actively helping a group of grassroots progressives in their run for the Democratic Central CommitteeMark Briggs and Sumi Paranjape are the members of this group who are on the Democratic ballot in Alameda, and I would ask you to vote for them — and I'm trying to get out the word about Propositions 98 (NO!) and 99 (YES). [more info]

So, yes, I support Measure H, and I hope you do to. But as you can see, there are a lot of other issues on this ballot I'm supporting too.