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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Don Perata is Abusing His Power

Check out this article from BeyondChron.org: Perata and Migden Join To Stop Leno Bills.

Apparently the Don, working with State Senator Carole Midgen, is holding up nearly all of Assemblymember Mark Leno's bills — many of them no-brainers — in order to rebuff Leno's primary challenge of Midgen. (Mark Leno is a terrific legislator, and he has come up with some great bills lately!) He's also attempting to create a loophole to extend his own term limits

This is inexcusable behavior (and an an embarrassment to his hometown of Alameda). I sure hope this backfires on Perata (and Midgen) when voters find out what is going on.

Read the whole article.

(Hat Tip to Thomas B. from AD13)


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