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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Out of Iraq Resolution: City Council Needs our Support

I've heard rumors that the right-wingers in Alameda are in force, innundating the City Council with messasges opposing the proposed resolution that Frank Matarrese is trying to introduce again.

Dear reader of this blog, please call the Mayor/City Council's office and tell them why we should support this resolution.

The phone number to call is: (510) 747-4701

Or FAX the mayor at (510) 747-4704 and the members of the City Council at (510) 747-4805.

Some points to consider:

  • Cities all over the country have been adopting similar resolutions. Alameda would not be doing anything unusual in this.

  • Resolutions of a statement about national policy have been passed by cities for years and years. This is nothing new.

  • The federal government needs to know what its states, counties, cities, and citizens are thinking. It is thus appropriate for a city to pass a resolution about a national policy.

  • Even if the above arguments are not heeded, this is indeed a local issue! Our national guard is needed at home, not abroad doing the job of the military.

  • Regardless of whether one opposes the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, we need our National Guard here to protect us here in Alameda.

  • If we were to be hit with a major Earthquake (which could happen at any time), another natural disaster, or an attack by terrorists (domestic or foreign) here in the Bay Area, and the National Guard were still deployed abroad, we would be stuck without that infrastructure.

  • Demanding an end to the occupation and bringing home our troops is a matter of Self-interest for the City of Alameda. To leave that decision to the Federal Government while we stand idly by is an abdication of our responsibility.

So ... Let's contact our City Council and show our support.


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