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Friday, November 03, 2006

Pictures from the Library Opening

Chipman drummers, Alameda Free Library
Those talented drummers from Chipman warm up the crowd.

alameda free library opening
Crowds gather in front of the library under a light drizzle.

alameda free library opening, bike racks
Yeay, the bike racks are being used right away!

military boy scouts at the alameda free library
Boy scouts raise the flag. I was astounded at how military the boy scouts are. I had no idea.

Bob Haun, Alameda Free Library
Bob Haun, project manager who built the library under budget and ahead of schedule, makes his remarks.

Frank Mataresse, Alameda Free Library
Councilmember Frank Mataresse, who had co-chaired the campaign to raise funds for the library, makes his remarks.

Mayor Johnson's turn at the podium, surrounded by dignitaries. See if you can spot: Wilma Chan, Don "Don" Perata, Sylvia Kahn, Don Roberts, and Pat Bail.

alameda free library opening crowds
The throngs storm the castle!

Oh, on the previous picture, I was kidding about the last two names!

Update: One more image I just thouught of adding: the webcam across the street. My script to save pictures for my library construction time-lapse movie was still going. So here's the view at 11 O'clock yesterday.

Webcam view of te opening of the Alameda Free Library


Blogger Da Man said...

Gosh, those boy scouts look like... boy scouts. Unlike the Young Pioneers (my wife was one in China), this organization is strictly voluntary and has something to do with God.

3:18 PM  

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