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Friday, November 03, 2006

One last appeal to help Jerry McNerney take down Richard Pombo

Regular readers know that I've been helping with Jerry McNerney's campaign to boot Richard Pombo out of congress because we all live in Richard Pombo's District. I've donated to his campaign what I could from time to time, I've phone-banked, I've walked precincts, and I even had a party for Jerry McNerney at my house here in Alameda.

Now it appears that McNerney and Pombo are neck in neck in the polls, which means that the winner will be the one who has the best "Get Out The Vote" effort over the next few days, especially Tuesday.

This is a monumental opportunity for people here in the Bay Area to have a significant impact in our country's future. I'm asking you to take some time this weekend and the whole day on Tuesday to help get out the vote for Jerry (or some other equally wonderful candidate or cause like Debra Bowen or Proposition 89). You can travel to Pleasanton or Stockton and go door-to-door, or you can stay in the East Bay and do phone-banking from Oakland. You can sign up for everything here.

If you don't have time to help, maybe you can help a bit with a contribution to put Jerry over the top!

Let's rock the Congress!


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