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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving: What will you do TOMORROW?

I hope all readers of this gigantic blog have an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Let's talk about tomorrow, though, the day after Thanksgiving. Are you going to have a nice relaxing day, or will you be getting in your car, driving to the nearest mall (or one not so near), joining millions of Americans in a crazed, shopping frenzy?

You can mindlessly be a consumer on this biggest shopping day of the year, or you can celebrate Buy Nothing Day.

Why not say "no" to the shopping frenzy? Participate by not participating.

Because, after all, it's always Christmastime for Visa (view the music video here)...


Blogger Da Man said...

Actually, I went to Wal-Mart in Oakland and bought some children's items (diapers and baby wipes) and toilet paper. All manufactured by evil corporations, available for sale at the numero uno evil corporation, Wal-Mart.

When your kids (or you) go poopy, what do you use to clean up the mess? Your fingers? Or do use non-corporate toilet paper?

Actually, my wife and I both did our Xmas shopping already. I wne online and bought boxes of Chukar Cherries (www.chukar.com) for my co-workers and friends. She went to a local store called "The Wolf and the Hare" at Harbor Bay Landing and bought handmade soaps and candles for her friends and my children's teachers. Amazingly enough, every single gift was made in the USA.

Does that make us evil corporate stooges?

4:38 PM  

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