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Thursday, October 26, 2006

YouTube helps us get to the bottom of the issues

You have to see these amazing videos of Pat Bail that have been posted on Alameda Daily News. I was recently chatting with somebody about YouTube and how it's having a huge impact on the election. I think this is just amazing, that the Internet gives us access not just to text, but to videos, that before required big budgets for production and limited TV access for viewers. These videos of Bail were clearly produced on a shoestring from old tapes of a local public-access cable TV show, but they certainly are effective. I've been avoiding much criticism of her (letting others do that) due to lack of first-hand knowledge of what she is about. But now, after watching these videos, everybody will have the first-hand knowledge to make their decisions. Of course, there are some who think like her and will approve of what she says, but I think that most people will be astounded at how far her campaign literature and rhetoric differs from her true feelings.

So go watch these videos (4 of her, one of a slate-mate) and judge for yourself. And as one fellow activist did for me, pass it along via email to other Alameda voters. I've made a nice small link to copy and paste into your emails: http://tinyurl.com/yjbv8q

Here's my favorite piece of rancor:

Inspired by the YouTube political phenomenon, I found a few interesting videos I thought I'd share with you. Spread the word; knowledge is power!

Proposition 83: Why it won't work

Who's really behind Prop 85?

Prop 89: PBS excerpt "Votes for Sale"

Prop 89, "Stop the Pounding" (Already blogged)

Kids take on George Bush's Agenda for California (Props 85/90)

Debra Bowen (MY HERO!) for Secretary of State (5 short videos)

Arnold's Fantastic Flops (A bit long, but funny and chilling)

Angelides, a short speech, speaking about Environment

Our national policy of "stay the course"


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