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Monday, October 09, 2006

Whitewashed "security" report of Alameda voting machines

Here's a timely issue for this week. Apparently there is some sort of security testing of the electronic voting machines in Alameda county. But it's not really a security test -- no testing has been done, no attempts to break into the system, and only "outsider" attacks have been considered, not insider or vendor attacks!

The report apparently says "The Sequoia Electronic Voting System selected by Alameda County to conduct election operations is inherently secure." Sorry, but as a computer programmer, I don't think that such surface-level testing merits a declaration of this magnitude.

The staff was supposed to conduct "hack testing". But how can the board of supervisors actually prove that these systems are safe from hacking without actually trying to hack into them?

Our supervisor if Alice Lai-Bitker; here number is (510) 272-6693. (Other Alameda County districts can be determined from this map.

Readers, think about how important it is that the voting machines used in this county, which tends to vote very progressive, are actually safe from tampering!


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