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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Scoop! Alameda Democratic Club's Endorsements on the Propositions

Yes, you read it here first! Here are the endorsements from last night's Alameda Democratic Club meeting, where a great set of presentations and lively discussions helped the club reach its conclusions. Note that the 1A-1E measures were not discussed.

83 (sexual offenders): NO
84 (Water Bonds): YES
85 (Parental Notification): NO
86 (Cigarette tax): YES
87 (Oil Severance tax): YES
88 (Parcel tax): NO
89 (Clean money): YES
90 (Government acquisition): NO

I was pleased with the results; I would consider the club's endorsements to be more progressive I would have expected, certainly moreso than the California Democratic Party's recommendations.

I will be providing my analysis/opinions on most of these measures in the weeks to come on this blog; stay tuned!


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