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Monday, October 23, 2006

Prop 1B: Do we really want to encourage this sprawl?

I've already discussed Propositions 1A-1E briefly, but I wanted to mention something about 1B specifically. Jennifer Stanley of EBBC pointed out a list of Alameda County projects that would be eligible for funding if 1B passes. It's from a Yes-on-1B website, but when I look at this list, all I see is traffic, traffic, traffic. A few improvements might be nice, but most of this is about increasing freeway capacity, and by doing so, increase the use of the automobile, increase pollution, continue our dependence on foreign oil, and so forth.

  • I-880 High Street Interchange Improvements
  • I-880 Broadway-Jackson Interchange Improvements (Phase 1)
  • I-880 Construct Auxiliary Lane Between Hegenberger Road and 66th Avenue and Shift Merge Point of the Westbound Hegenberger Road to I-880 On-ramp
  • I-880 Jackson/Broadway Interchange
  • Widen I-238 between I-580 and I-880 from 4 lanes to 6 lanes, includes auxiliary lanes on I-880 south of I-238
  • I-880 Widen for HOV Lanes Northbound From Hacienda Over-crossing to 98th Ave and Southbound From 98th Ave. to Marina Bl.
  • I-580 Auxiliary Lane (Santa Rita to Airway)
  • I-680 Widen Freeway and Implement High Occupancy Toll Lane on the Sunol Grade, and of course
  • SR24 Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore

Please, don't let this monstrosity pass!


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