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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

AC Transit: What is a qualification?

If you ran a restaurant, would you hire somebody as a chef because he ate there?

If you were recruiting a new guitarist for your band, would you hire somebody whose big qualification was that she listened to your music?

If you were looking for somebody to run your transit agency, would it make a candidate qualified because he rode the bus?

Well, that seems to be one of Tony Daysog's biggest selling points about why you should elect him to be AC Transit director!

Tony is a really nice guy, and he really does ride the bus, but I don't think he's cut out for this job. I think he's running for this job because his term is running out on City Council; the race for state assembly didn't work out, and he's looking for a public office to fill.

His Opponent, Ortiz, has a long and varied background working on social justice issues. and seems much more qualified for the position. In fact, she has earned the endorsement of several Alameda organizations, such as Alameda Transit Advocates, our local bus rider advocacy group, even though she does not have the "home town" advantage.

In picking a leader, I'd rather choose somebody who has demonstrated leadership, not just participation.


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