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Friday, September 22, 2006

Guest Post: The Governor's Race

[Jim Oddie of the Alameda Democratic Club sent this out a couple of days ago; I thought it was worth a read.]

This morning I read about a poll showing Arnold with a 20 point lead over Angelides in the Governor's race. This is mostly because Democrats are less than enthusiastic about supporting Phil. I have been told by more than one club member that they were not going to vote for Phil. As someone who supported Steve Westly in the primary, I can understand this sentiment, however, it's time to come together as Democrats and support our party's nominee.

Maybe some of you don't think Arnold is so bad because he come down on the Democratic side of many issues in the last few months.

But you have to ask yourself, what Arnold are we going to get for the next four years?

The Arnold who takes Democratic stands five months before an election or the Arnold who attacked firefighters, nurses, and teachers, just one short year ago?

The Arnold who was elected to "take on the special interests" or the Arnold who raises special interest money than Gray Davis could have ever dreamed doing?

The Arnold who is carefully scripted by his handlers or the Arnold who lets his true racist and sexist attitudes known in private?

The Arnold who tries to distance himself from Bush or the Arnold who went to the critical state of Ohio the week before the 2004 election and encouraged people to stand with him behind Bush? One could make the argument that without Arnold's help in Ohio, Bush would have lost the state to Kerry and we wouldn't be in this awful mess.

Finally, let's remember the governor, like the President, gets to appoint judges. Do we want radical right wing judges here in Alameda County or elsewhere? Or do we want decent, progressive judges like David Krashna and Delbert Gee? You may not like Phil, but with Arnold, we get NOTHING as far as Democrats and progessives being appointed to judicial posts, not to mention the executive posts that make and enforce state policy.

Just like a vote for Nader in 2000 or 2004 was basically a vote for Bush, a vote for anyone else but Angelides, or sitting this election out, is simply a vote for Arnold.

Can we really afford four more years of Arnold?

I say NO and I am voting for Angelides.


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