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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What about the State Offices?

Unless you quickly sent in your ballot already, you are probably still puzzling over the many propositions and other state-wide races. For what it's worth, I thought I would offer my perspective on a batch of those items.

For the state-wide offices, I'm pretty happy with the Democrats on the ballot, so it wouldn't bother me if you were to just look at the partisan slate and vote that way. However, that's a pretty mindless approach, and I do have some more specific opinions, so I'll touch on a few of them.

Jerry Brown, for Governor, is not my favorite politician, and I wouldn't call him progressive. But he is certainly seasoned, and experienced. The alternative, Meg Whitman, is a frightening prospect. I wouldn't want to dilute Brown's chances of preventing her from getting the job, so its Brown all the way.

Debra Bowen, running for re-election as Secretary of State. The chief of our voting systems, I have been a big fan of hers ever since she was running for the office in the June primaries four years ago. She is more dedicated to fair elections than anybody I have ever seen; the exact opposite of the Secretaries of State that made Florida famous in 2000 and Ohio famous in 2004. She has done a great job in the last four years and absolutely deserves another round. (Personally, I'd like to see her as Governor someday!)

Kamala Harris has been my strong choice for Attorney General ever since I got familiar with her at the California Democratic Convention in Los Angeles earlier this year. Really amazing person. I highly recommend her book Smart on Crime as well. I look forward to seeing what she can accomplish.

Dave Jones is running for Insurance Commissioner. I first met Jones — currently an assembly member representing the Sacramento area — several years ago, and I've followed his career since then. He is truly a progressive, and a really charismatic leader. I think he'll be great at this job.

Betty Yee, up for re-election in the State Board of Equalization, is another real progressive that I've known and admired over the last few years. Not that it matters, but she lives in Alameda now!

Anyhow, the Democrats have a good line-up in this year's election. And let's not forget Barbara Boxer, who is, like brown, against another pay-for-your-election rich CEO multimillionaire, for Senate. I've seen her stand up for what's right when no other senator would. While I'd rather have another Senator instead of Feinstein, I firmly stand behind Boxer for another term in the Senate.


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