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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Non-Political: Amazing Halloween Front Yard

Apologies for venturing into the purely non-political realm (though the previous post did a bit of that) but this was too cool not so share.

Be sure to swing by the place on Santa Clara Ave. that is just a bit West from Willow Avenue some evening as soon as you can (before any weather or "hey you kids off my lawn" damage gets done) — There is the most amazing Halloween yard display I have ever seen. You need to stay a few minutes to soak in all of the subtleties; it is not just a static display, but moving and, in one case, somewhat interactive.

It's cool during the day, but amazing when it's dark.

Trust me — don't miss this.

Here's a preview (click to enlarge); it came out amazingly well for a non-photographer like me!


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