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Thursday, October 14, 2010

78-cent, Triple Postage Required, Unless...

Just a friendly reminder prompted by a tweet: The ballot weighs more than one ounce, so you will need double postage (78 cents or more) for mailing back your ballot.

However, I should note that if you are voting for Meg Whitman as Governor, you do not need any postage, thanks to a generous ($32 Million!) donation to the California Postal Commission by the Whitman campaign. Just write "Whitman" in the place where your stamp should go.

Remember, this offer is valid only for Whitman voters. All others, be sure to use 78¢ or more.

And, thanks to the generosity of the Fiorina campaign, voters who choose Carly over Barbara Boxer will be express-counted, which means that you can return your ballot up to one week after the normal receipt deadline. If you are voting for Fiorina, just mail in your ballot between November 3 and November 8, 2010.

Voters for Barbara Boxer, however, must send in their ballot early enough to be received by Election Day, November 2. So pop it in the mail by Friday the 29th to be safe.


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