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Friday, September 24, 2010

Help Win in November at the Progressarita Party!

THIS SUNDAY AFTERNOON, Fellow progressive activist David Teeters and I are throwing a party, and I wanted to make sure that both of this blog's readers — yes, that's you — are invited!

The idea is to get a bunch of Alamedans together under one roof (David's house, in this case), talking and munching and drinking — specifically, David's amazing Margarita. Two years ago at a similar event he called it the Obamarita; this time around it's the Progress-arita!

And, most importantly, we're trying to raise some money to help out Democrats (mostly progressive, or as progressive as we're gonna get) in their fight against the bizarre, often over-funded Tea-Bagger Republican challengers. We have chosen a handful of candidates who will get your donation — equally divided, unless you choose to split it up some other way.

The party is in Alameda of course — but if you happen upon this page and you are not in the area, or you can't make it, you are welcome to make a contribution in any case to help out!

Just head over to this page for details about the party and to make your contribution on-line, preferably in advance. (Or, bring your checkbook or credit card with you.)

We hope you can come!


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