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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alameda Democratic Club Endorsements

I just got the results from last night's meeting of the Alameda Democratic Club where a huge crowd attended to help shape the upcoming election.

I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

From a very crowded field of candidates for City Council, Rob Bonta and Lena Tam reached the 60% threshold needed to get an endorsement. Bonta's endorsement was not a great surprise, considering he has been such an integral part of the club for several years; Lena Tam's endorsement showed that most of the club's members are ready to move on from the "hit job" that she was subjected to this summer, and let her get back to work in a new term.

Marie Gilmore got the endorsement for mayor. I had expected there to be too much competition (especially from Frank Matarrese and Doug DeHaan) to reach the 60% threshold, but there you go. Gilmore is a great choice; while I like and respect many of the other candidates, I think that Gilmore has shown tremendous leadership over the years; she is also the only mayoral candidate who has really stuck her neck out to try to expose "Paradegate."

Robert Raburn got the endorsement for BART board. This is a huge victory and a great step in bringing down the juggernaut incumbent Carole Ward Allen (whom I recently discovered was once a major Republican activist during the 1990's)! While Ms. Allen seems to be getting endorsements from elected officials in the area, showing that she has a lot of powerful friends, Robert Raburn and his message seems to resonate with ordinary citizens who are interested in stopping BART's Airport Connector Boondoggle and actually improving the status quo.

School Board endorsements were Mike McMahon (a long-time pillar of the club) and Margie Sheratt (the only other serious candidate for the position, from what I could tell). For Hospital Board, Stewart Chen and Leah Williams were given the nodd. For AC Transit, Elsa Ortiz (whom I supported when she was first running for the position) and Joel Young were endorsed.

All in all, a good show. The fact that so many endorsements were able to happen shows that Alameda Democrats are actually unified pretty well. Still, it will be a big fight come November— there are many supporters of DeHaan (at least, judging by the number of signs around town); I expect that many Measure-A-or-die fanatics will be supporting Jean Sweeney (who is, outside of the political arena, a very nice woman, but just doesn't seem to be able to deal with anybody who even slightly disagrees with her).


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