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Monday, August 16, 2010

Stark, Obama criticisms

Last week, the Alameda Democratic Club had a visit from our representative in Congress, Pete Stark.

Speaking at a Democratic Club, as opposed to a town hall, it was a friendly audience. Most of the questions were thought-provoking questions, and he had decent answers to most of them.

Unfortunately, it was crystal clear that Mr. Stark did not understand the issue of "Net Neutrality." His answer was a rambling, incoherent non-response —  the kind that make people hate politicians. I wish he had instead said something like "I'm really not familiar with that issue; let me get back to you on that."

Or better yet, our representative in Congress really should be familiar with this issue. Perhaps he can look into the criticism that some of his fellow Democrats in Congress had on the recent Google/Verizon proposal.

On another note, I wanted to make sure that people read an open letter to President Obama (PDF Link) by the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party, of which I have been a proud member since shortly after I started being a delegate to the state party. This letter really sums up the intense disappointment I have had with the Obama administration.

A small excerpt:
You promised to work for meaningful health care reform – we got a woeful compromise. You committed to seek to reign in an out-of-control financial sector – we got third best. You seemed to be in favor of winding down unnecessary and increasingly inept and unwinnable foreign adventures – we got an escalation of an untenable and unending war. You promised to close Guantanamo and end don't ask, don't tell – neither has seen much of your efforts. You campaigned against the Bush imperial presidency, and then you expanded it. We could go on.

Wow. Please take a moment to read the whole letter.


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