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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Get those ballots in!

The election is upon us! Actually two separate elections!

For the "regular" primary election, don't forget the recommendations I made a few weeks ago. If you are in hurry, please at least vote YES on 13 and 15; NO on the other numbered propositions.

Election Day is this Tuesday, June 8. If you don't have your ballot sent in by today, take it to any local polling place in town on Tuesday. Don't miss out on making your voice heard!

I haven't covered Measure E, the Alameda mail-in election, much here. (This election is mail-in only, with ballots for those due on June 22.) Measure E has been covered in the other blogs and the local newspapers' letters too the editor. It seems that about 105% of Alamedans are in favor of it. Let's just hope that translates to actual numbers when the votes are counted.

I was more than a little impressed with the commercial that Measure E supporters put together for viewing online and the local cable TV channels. Watch it even if you are already supporting Measure E. A lot of familiar faces there!

The whole video just exudes classy. It looks like it was shot on a really big budget, but it was apparently all-volunteer produced.


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