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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ronald Reagan Day? Ewwww....

Apparently our lawmakers in Sacramento are on their way to proclaiming February 6th of every year as Ronald Reagan Day, in celebration of all of the wonderful things he did for California.

This "law" has already been passed by the State Senate and is now up for a vote in the Assembly as AB2412.

Reagan would be the third person to get a special day of recognition; his predecessors are Harvey Milk and John Muir.


I would rather have February 6th, Reagan's birthday, instead celebrate some other notables, perhaps Babe Ruth or Bob Marley, who also were born on that day. Or maybe in celebration of Rick Astley's birthday, February 6th could be "RickRoll Day."

Anything but Ronald Reagan. Remember, this is the president who brought you the Iran-Contra affair, aid to right-wing movements in Central America, union busting, ignoring of AIDS, unprecedented nuclear buildup, and so much more. And let's not forget his California legacy, like sending in the National Guard to Berkeley!

So call up Sandré Swanson's office at (510) 286-1670 or (916) 319-2016 and tell them that Ronald Reagan is not somebody we should be celebrating every year. I just did, myself!


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