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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Beware the Eagle Flyer

If you get a mailing like this one, watch out.

I remember getting one of these last time around, and like that one, this one looks very official as if it is the recommendations from the Democratic Party. However, it is not.

The endorsements on this are just tantalizing enough to seem like they are actual endorsements from the City of Alameda or maybe the County or the State Democratic Party. But it is definitely not.

Take, for instance, its "no" endorsement of Proposition 5 with a picture of Martin Sheen imploring us to protect our children from drug dealers. However, the California Democratic Party has endorsed a Yes vote on Proposition 5. As has just about every other Democratic and progressive group around that I could find.

Similarly, this handbill is suggesting a Yes on 10. Well, the state party is neutral on that one, but just about every group I've run into is saying NO on that.

The list continues, but you get the picture.

We have to do something about misleading flyers that make it seems that they are some kind of official party endorsements when they are just paid advertisements.



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