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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Our opportunity to send good Clinton or Obama delegates to Denver

I personally haven't been able to get very excited about either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, but many Democrats in the area have been supporting these candidates either for a long time or more recently when their preferred candidates (Edwards, Richardson, etc.) dropped out.

This coming weekend, it's your opportunity to help select who will be the local delegates to the national convention who are pledged to vote for either Clinton or Obama — at least on the first ballot. If you want to help choose these people, you can attend a caucus to vote for them.

You can only attend one, since they are held at the same time. I got this information from the Alameda Democratic Club:

Obama: Updated!
Cal State East Bay Student Union
25800 Carlos Bee Parkway

Walpert Center
1101 Walpert St.

Which one you attend doesn't really relate to which candidate you most support, since the number of delegates California gets to send has already been chosen. Really, what matters is that we choose good, progressive people who will help with a progressive agenda at the national level, and not let the Democrats continue their slide towards "Republican Lite."

I think it's also important to select level-headed delegates with whom we can trust their vote in the slight chance that the Clinton/Obama deadlock is unbreakable and a compromise candidate has to be chosen. (Remember Abraham Lincoln? He was actually chosen on the third ballot at his convention due to a situation similar to today's.)

I am going to be researching just who are the candidates are from our area over the next few days, and I'll follow up later if and when I have any recommendations.

Update: "Doors open at 2:00 pm, and registration closes at 3:00 pm. The caucuses are open to all registered Democrats, and one can register the day of the caucus. An individual can only attend one caucus."


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His a Sacramento Bee article on "pledged delegates" selection process.


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