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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day with the Unions

Yesterday I attended a big Labor Day picnic sponsored by the Alameda Labor Council. In other words, Labor Day with Labor.

After years of having "celebrated" Labor Day by doing nothing in particular - usually taking the day off, perhaps going to a BBQ, but never anything having to do with Labor - it was a refreshing activity!

It was a HUGE event, held at MLK Shoreline Park, just off of Doolittle. It was close enough to reach by bicycle from Alameda. Pete Escovedo played there, Firefighters from Hayward served a terrific lunch/dinner, and there were more local activists and politicians (many of whom are acquaintances and friends) there than could be counted. I went there to help a bit with the John Edwards table, though my help wasn't really needed, so I just spent time the family having a good time.

Channel 2 interviewed me - they were looking for a family to spotlight - about the sorry state of health care in this country. I didn't mind appearing for the camera since I was wearing my Edwards T-shirt. :-)

Spending Labor Day with Labor is a really great way to celebrate this holiday which is unfortunately meaningless to many Americans....


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