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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Press Conference this Thursday, Alameda Hospital

The local branch of MoveOn is holding a press conference this Thursday out in front of Alameda Hospital.

MoveOn has compiled information for communities around the country to show just what this Iraq war — occupation, really — is costing us. So like other groups all over the country, we will be hosting a press conference as this information is unveiled for the first time. The event is in front of Alameda Hospital because it symbolizes one of the many things that we could be doing with this cost instead of sinking it into the Middle East (and making companies like Halliburton even richer) — things like health care, education, fighting the climate crisis, and so forth.

Please come by the Alameda Hospital (outside, the Clinton Avenue side) on your lunch hour for our noon press conference. Show the media who will be there that you care.

Sign up with MoveOn to attend this event


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