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Friday, August 17, 2007

MoveOn Press Conference: The Local Cost of Iraq

Yesterday, MoveOn chapters across the country, including the chapter representing the northern half of California's 13th congressional district, held press conferences highlighting the local cost of the Iraq war (or as I prefer to say, occupation).

We held this press conference in front of Alameda Hospital to highlight the health care impact, but also talked about how it affects other issues such as education, affordable housing, and so forth. The numbers unveiled were stunning. Here in our congressional district alone, we have been paying 1.4 billion dollars. That's money that oculd have been spent on so many other things!

I was volunteered to be the "MC" of the event, which I was happy to do. Pete Stark himself came to speak — he's been a champion of getting us out of Iraq so we don't need to convince him on anything. Wilma Chan also spoke, as well as Frank Matarrese. The conference was very well attended, in spite of being held in the middle of a work day, in a month when so many people are out of town on vacation!


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