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Thursday, April 19, 2007

California Democratic Convention Next Weekend

I'm looking forward to next weekend's California Democratic Convention, where ordinary (yet politicall active) citizens gather and hear from our Democratic leaders (and, actually hob-nob with them as well). As I was recently re-elected as delegate, this will be my third time at the convention.

Some people I'm sure just go there to party, but I, like a lot of progressive Californians, hope to accomplish a bit and learn a lot. The annual caucus meetings happen at the convention; I'm a member of the progressive caucus and, I suppose, the Computers & Internet Caucus although I don't know if I will continue that. On odd-numbered years there is a big push for resolutions (I have written or contributed to a handful) that are a way for the grassroots to shape the direction of the party. There will be training sessions, speeches of course (I expect to hear from most of the major presidential candidates first-hand), schmoozing, and of course parties. I'll write up a report while I'm there or shortly thereafter.


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