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Friday, August 04, 2006

Phil Makes a Bold Move

I've supported Phil Angelides in his run for Governor halfheartedly so far. I certainly preferred him over Steve Westly in the primary race (in spite of Steve coming up to me and talking for a couple of minutes). Phil's message is great, and right on track with my values and the values of, I'd hope, the majority of Californians. But his campaign really hasn't inspired me.

Until now. Phil took a bold step and endorsed the upcoming Proposition 89, the clean money initiative that would decimate corporate purchasing of politicians in California. Conventional wisdom was that mainstream Democrats would oppose this because it would shift the balance of power. (Naturally, Republicans all line up to oppose this concept, even though many Republicans in states where Clean Money has already passed have stated that they like the results.)

Publically endorsing Proposition 89 is good for two reasons: It will help the proposition, I think, and get more Democrat candidates and pundits to come on-board, and help influence the vote come November. And perhaps more important, it shows that Phil is taking a stand, and not just being the Anti-Arnold.

Go Phil Go!


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