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Monday, August 14, 2006

Phil and Howard in San Francisco; Upcoming Propositions

I was in San Francisco last week for a conference so I stopped by the rally featuring Governor Howard Dean and Gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides. Other local politicians were there. It was a great gathering; I saw a number of the usual active citizens from the Bay Area and got to chat with Ralph from Latinos for America as we waited for the main event. After the speechifying, I got a chance to thank Angelides for his bold endorsement of Proposition 89, the clean-money initiative, which the California Democratic Party wouldn't take a stand on.

(At least the California Dem's stances are otherwise reasonable, though I haven't looked into the details of all of them. (Please leave any insights in the comments!)

It occurred to me that Proposition 85 is just Proposition 73, but 12 months later. 73 + 12 = 85 and the answer is still NO!


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