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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Come Meet Jerry McNerney in Alameda!

Richard Pombo is the worst member of congress today. Corrupt like Tom Delay, in the pocket of the oil companies, the most anti-environmentalist representative in the country. And he's from our area -- the congressional district that includes Pleasanton, Morgan Hill, Stockton, and Tracy.

The guy who will take down Pombo in 2006, with our help, is Jerry McNerney. I mentioned that I was planning on a house party to benefit his campaign here in Alameda ... well, it's a "go" and it's less than two weeks away! And what's the coolest is that McNerney himself will be here at the party.

Readers of this weblog, consider yourselves invited. It's September 10, 2:30-5 PM, at my house in Alameda. RSVP by emailing me at JerryParty@karelia.com; I'll reply with directions to my house.

Come to meet Jerry McNerney, share with him your concerns and listen to his plans to guarantee a brighter future for America. Please come and enjoy refreshments, great conversation, and help make a difference "Right in Our Own Backyard."

If you have a local blog, or have friends and associates who might also like to see Pombo get ousted, feel free to mention this even to them as well. The more the merrier!

If you can't make it, feel free to make a bit of a donation on Jerry's website or using my ActBlue page.


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