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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pete Stark is close ... but ...

We're "safe" with Pete Stark in congress, which is why I've been spending my energy trying to help Jerry McNerney. And Pete is a great guy. But there's one thing I wish he would come around on, and that is the issue of impeachment.

He recently forwarded a note from John Conyers, which he agreed with, stating that even if the Democrats take back Congress in November, they won't push for impeachment of Bush/Cheney because, well, we all know how much of a distraction that was when Clinton was impeached.

Excuse me? We have an executive branch run by the biggest crooks in history, and you're worried about impeachment being a waste? Clinton was impeached for political gain; of course it was a waste, and of course he was exonerated. Bush, Cheney, and Company would not be, if our congress would just stand up to them!

Pete Stark is having some town halls on August 12 and September 30 in Fremont, San Lorenzo, and Alameda. Sadly, I can't make either of them. Anybody interested in going to one of these and asking him to show a little spine on this issue?


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