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Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Next Big Political Event

Update: I have created an ActBlue page to help collect donations in advance of the big event, as well as a way for people who were invited (like YOU!) but who can't make it to donate too!

I was thinking about trying to put together an event that would be part of this weekend's Democratic Reunion but I decided that this would be too much work becuase I was planning on putting together an even bigger event. There is a sort of event in Alameda, and that is helping with voter registration and have "refreshments" at the corner of Park and Central during the Park Street Art and Wine Faire. RSVP for that event here..

Jerry McNerneyInstead, I am putting together a huge house party (in the back yard of my house in Alameda) to benefit Jerry McNerney, on the afternoon of Sunday, September 10. Jerry himself will be here in Alameda! I plan on inviting tons of people. Obviously my goal will be to raise awareness of his campaign to defeat Richard Pombo and raise some money for his campaign. I'll be inviting local friends and neighbors, members of the local democratic clubs, and so on. Any readers of this weblog who would like to come and who are not on my usual political email distribution list, drop me a line (send an email to "dwood" at the domain of "karelia.com") so I can send you the invitation and information.

This is going to be a blast!


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