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Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Letter to the Editor

California Democrats (and independent voters who request a Democrat ballot) have some interesting choices at the polls on June 6th. Some of the candidates haven't had very much media attention, so I wanted to share my perspective with interested voters since I had the opportunity to meet and hear many of them at last month's Democratic Convention in Sacramento.

The Secretary of State - the elections chief - will have the highest impact in how future elections are run. Debra Bowen, who currently chairs the State Senate's Committee on Elections, is hands-down the most knowledgeable and passionate about election protection issues, which are of utmost important in this age of flawed, unregulated voting machines. Her opponent, Ortiz, is a competent state senator, but is not at all focused on election matters. I strongly believe that we need to replace McPherson with Bowen to make sure that every vote is counted in our elections.

Jerry Brown is back in the spotlight as he runs for Attorney General. In the debate I saw, Brown came across as an ardent elder statesman; his opponent Delgadillo came across as a typical politician. Brown will easily get my vote.

The race for Lieutenant Governor has three good candidates. After hearing them debate, I found myself strongly preferring John Garamendi (currently Insurance Commissioner) for his frankness, knowledge and leadership.

And for Governor? Phil Angelides may lack the brawn of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the looks of Steve Westly, but his experience and vision have earned him the backing of most grassroot democrats and elected officials; he'll make a great Governor. Westly, backed by his own riches (Anybody remember Al Chechi?) may come across well on TV, but in person he's smug and full of hot air.

Locally, I should mention that Assembly candidate Sandre Swanson received the Democratic Party endorsement, overwhelmingly chosen by the delegates from our district. Although I think Russo would make a suitable representative, I'm going with Swanson for his proven track record; he's worked with some of our most respected local progressive leaders and will represent Alameda well.


Blogger Ms Binky said...

I have watched debates #2 & #3. And have re-watched the TV interviews of Angelides & Westly via NBC San Diego: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/9247732/detail.html

So far, I have not 'sensed' what you about Westly.

Are there other video-links you can share? I'm still open-minded about June 6th. - Thanks


1:29 PM  
Blogger MaxRo said...

I have decided how I'll vote June 6th.

I have regard for both candidates. But every time I re-consider the size and demographic diversity of the State of California, then factor-in the immense power and influence that Ahnold will use against us through November, I keep coming-back to the same answer: Steve Westly.

The reason?
In order to beat Ahnold, we must capture every single potential cross-over vote that exists. There is only one way to assure this happens.. Steve Westly must oppose Ahnold.. when it counts... on November 6th.

11:08 AM  

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