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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Handy Statewide Voter Guide

Speak Out California has released their handy online voter guide, which tracks the endorsements for the various statewide races (as well as some senate district races.

It's quite interesting to see all these side by side. I'm not surprised to see the dominance of Angelides over Westly, though I still think Angeledes faces an uphill battle connecting with the voting population who makes their decisons based on television commercials. I had suspected that Jackie Speier was getting the lion's share of endorsement, and this confirms it. (I still prefer Garamendi but I'll be happy if Speier wins.) For controller, Chiang and Dunn are running neck and neck in the endorsements; they are both great candidates. (I am now leaning toward Chiang because I think his background better fits the job description.) And of course, Bowen dominates the endorsements, no surprise there (though I'm worried about the size of Ortiz's campaign fund!)


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